Road Safety Tribulations in India

The tribulations and safety of Indian roads: Rural and Urban

#roadsafetytribulationsinindia Big country like India is faced with road woes to a great extent. The extent may vary from state to state but the effect is borne nationwide. Urbanization and modernization has led to many changes in the road rules and regulations. Additional safety measures have also been exercised by the governing bodies of the country.

The cost of modernization in terms of technological advancement made by the cars is paid by the lives of innocent pedestrians. The speeding vehicles on the road often forget about the walkers who are also equally part of the roads. People drive at such high speeds that they tend to overlook the passersby and crash the innocent lives.

The statistical data reveals the number of deaths caused on the roads is because of:

  • The main point is over speeding. This leads to misbalance which can result in accidents which are deadly and fatal. This causes deaths in India and the highway record is significantly high in this context. Government
  • The accidents caused due to drunken driving are very high. Though the police checking are on a high all through the year, yet the record is alarming. The accidents which happen in the wee hours of the morning are very deadly.
  • Talking on the mobile and driving is also a fatal combination. Enough measures have been taken by the governing bodies to check this. Heavy fines have been levied against the people who are found violating the rule. It is a preventive measure taken by the authorities.
  • Wearing a seat belt for the front seaters in the vehicles in a must. This is for their own safety. The tabulation of the people who are creating this nuisance is on the rise and causing a high number of deaths caused in the cities. Many cities in the states are making it mandatory for the benefit of the people.
  • It is very important for the safety of the people to follow the rules and regulations. Authorities make it compulsory for the upkeep of the citizens. The following of the rules are important. Red light jumping is an offence and this is caused due to the impatience shown by the people on the roads.

The trauma which the people go through on the roads due to the road violation rules can be very dramatic. It can lead to deaths no doubt. Sometimes it leads to serious injuries which can cause certain imparities for life.

Rural road safety measures are also taken for the people residing in the villages. Though vehicles in these places are not very high in number as these areas have a close proximity to the highways, this fall in the risky zone. The people have to be cautious and cyclist has to be very careful while using the highways. It is for their own benefit to use the left side of the road as the speeding vehicles normally drive at the right side of the road. This can reduce the road mishaps. So following of the rules are beneficial for self as well as others.

Road safety rules and regulations across the country are the same. In a big country like India with people belonging to different states are living under diverse conditions, following a similar pattern id challenging. But the country is well equipped with measures across the country to follow the same rules everywhere irrespective of the place and state.

Safety is the precaution which everyone should follow. Technology also has led to innovative measures adopted by the government for the safety of the citizens. A little bit of acknowledgement is required which is not very difficult for people to follow. During festivities, the police take extra care on the roads to ensure that cases of drunken driving are reduced. We often blame the authorities for the loss of lives and other things around us. But we as the citizens of a democratic country are equally responsible for the wellbeing of the country and our fellow citizens. Only then can be ensured a safe and sound atmosphere around us.

The tabulation of the data achieved by the road safety agencies formed for the benefit of the people are processed at the central level and then many suggestive measures are proposed to overcome the difficulty right from the grass root level. This is one primary effect of the format.

Other many effects are also caused with the help of the format provided to the authorities and the governing bodies give directions to the stats and village level people to follow rules set for obtaining optimum safety on the roads.

Citing an example here is the time when the certain festivities are held in the parts of the city, the government tries to work out alternate route for the vehicles so that trouble is not caused to commuters. These kind of measures are taken for the citizens to avoid traffic jams.

Big cities are greatly benefited by these small measures taken by the government for the citizens. The people should also follow the same to avoid inconvenience for one and all.

Tabulation methodology of reporting the road safety is very helpful to maintain a record of:

  • Deaths caused in accidents
  • Reasons for the fatalities
  • Measures taken to curb road risks
  • Effective implementation of the steps applied
  • Are the measures helpful or not?

Surveys conducted by the agencies also play an effective role in this regard. The reports submitted by them further helps in initiating the process of measures required. Sometimes customized measures are adopted which Are prevalent in certain cities only. These can be beneficial for that particular city alone. The agencies at their end try the best possible means to curb road mishaps. Rest is for all to follow and stay safe.

Indian Federation of Road Safety (IFROS) is a pan-India Non Profit and Non-Governmental Organization established for association and development of the nationwide initiatives taken in the field of Road Safety and to exchange knowledge, views and ideas that are successfully practiced around the Nation. On the supplementary sustainability IFROS with the mission in bringing awareness about the dangers of Road Traffic Crashes by practicing a new Road Safety culture among road users and to encourage and promote governments in development and maintenance of better, safer roads and road safety measures. Working together with its members and associates, IFROS promotes social and economic benefits to the community that flow from well-planned and technically sound road safety networks. It helps put in place technological solutions and management practices that provide maximum social returns from national road safety road investments. The IFROS has a major role to play in all aspects of road policy and development in India. To bring down the increasing number of Road Crashes.To earmark separate funds for Road Safety programmes. To draw up specific programmes to improve major roads for safe travel, to protect vulnerable road users and to improve driver training, licensing and monitoring procedures. To obtain better co-ordination between various government departments and NGOs. In examination of the apprehension expressed by Mother NGOs of Individual States in India, on the epidemic of Road Crashes in the Country resulting in loss of life, serious injuries and loss of material goods,IFROS undertook the task of preparing an advanced initiative to set in motion a series of measures by various stake holding State and Central Government Agencies to improve Road Safety. The emphasis of the initiative is on instantaneous mandatory measures, which are preventive in nature and do not cost much to the exchequer. It is proposed to prepare a comprehensive policy delineating the medium and long term measures and the financial support that is required to improve Road Safety with the following goals. To bring down the increasing number of Road Crashes.To earmark separate funds for Road Safety programmes. To draw up specific programmes to improve major roads for safe travel, to protect vulnerable road users and to improve driver training, licensing and monitoring procedures. To obtain better co-ordination between various government departments and NGOs. To create information system on Road Crashes and to suggest post-accident relief and other remedial measures. As an immediate measure, it is also proposed to run an awareness campaign which not only involves the education and sensitization of the stakeholders like students, drivers, vehicle owners and the pedestrians but also involving the government departments and public representatives to undertake immediate ameliorative steps.

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