Road Safety Tips in India

#roadsafetytipsindia Indian roads are perfect example of beauty and the beast. Beauty because they are well defined, landscaped and organized highways and beast because of the accidents caused on the roads. It is essential to get rid of road menace so that every person can move freely without any fear on the roads. The citizens using the highway in the recent years are scared because of the road mishaps which has become a common phenomenon. The well-being of every citizen is the prime aim of the governing authorities and they are taking effective measures to ensure the same and try to save a lot of lives that are lost every year in accidents.

road safety tips in india

The roads are broadly divided into two main zones which are:

  • State roads and highways
  • National highways

National highways are beautiful and organized and easily comparable to the best roads across the globe. The technological advance is clearly visible when one travels on these roads. But the upkeep of the travelers on these roads a big worry due to the mishaps happening on the roads. Certain tips can be very useful while using the roads.

  • Don’t jump the red light. If you want to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride, be patient and do not skip the red light. Not only is it a punishable offence and is capable of digging a hole in your pocket.
  • Wear a seat belt. This one is applicable for the four wheeled front seating people. This is a safe way of driving. Even if a car crash happens, the safety of the driver and the person sitting on the next seat is ensured to a large extent. Studies and surveys have revealed that people wearing seat belts are less liable for getting fatal injuries.
  • Drinking and driving is a deadly combination and does not complement each other at all. Most fatal accidents on the roads happen because of this. So please make sure to hire a cab if the person plans to drink or may as well skip drinking if driving is essential. This makes safety important both for the people on road and the driver.
  • Another important safety tip is to keep the mobile at rest while driving. Making calls or checking the phone can lead to problems. It is a punishable offence and states have levied heavy fine for people found talking on the phone while driving. The government is taking stringent measures only to make driving a safe experience rather than a scary one.
  • Tips can ensure safety on roads. Follow the road signs while driving. An alert driver drives with full concentration following the traffic rules and provides safety for the co passengers as well as other people on the road. The signs on the boards which clearly define the nature of the road like no stopping, no parking.
  • The road safety measures demand that the people using the roads should take care of the pedestrians on the road. Zebra crossings are meant for the walkers. Vehicles should stop when pedestrians are using the crossing.
  • Heavy vehicles like tricks are prohibited on some roads and this rule should be followed for the benefit of all.
  • Tips are only means to suggest people to be careful on the road. But broadly the responsibility lies with the people to make the roads safer and a better place for everyone.
  • Cyclist should ride on the left side of the road because the fast moving vehicles drive on the right side of the road.
  • Over speeding is not allowed. Speed limits are mentioned and set on the roads. This should be fallowed because fine is levied on over speeding vehicles. To make the roads safer, this is an important tip which should be followed.
  • Places like hospitals and schools are sensitive areas where the speed limit is not more than 40 kms and this has to be followed under all circumstances.
  • Give respect to the senior citizens and the kids walking on the road. Give way to them. Apart from the fact that it is a road safety tip, it also provides a feel good factor which is incomparable to any other thing.

These are important safety tips which every person using the road should follow. It is essential to give respect in order to demand it. If you will respect the law and become a law abiding citizen, you will set an example for others to follow. To make the change, first change yourself. This is the safest and the easiest things to do and to follow.

Tips are many and safety rules are too but following these are not very difficult. At least if it ensures safety of all. It is the easiest thing to do.

Surveys have revealed that India tops the charts in road accidents across the globe. Our aim is to reduce this. It is only possible if all the citizens follow the rules and regulations to ensure a safe India. This will also contribute to the overall growth of the country. It is a good step taken by school authorities.

Road safety tips are even taught at the grass root level. This means the schools have included this in their syllabus and this means that the school children Are provided with full support so that they grow up to be responsible citizens and set an example for others to follow. The various road safety weeks developed by the government agencies also provide full safety tips for everyone and in fact kids come up with great ideas and innovative designs.

The handy tips are very useful right from a tender age. The governing bodies in the country also takes special measures for the same and want that the people residing in a democratic country like India should always feel secure and happy to be a proud citizen of the same.

Indian Federation of Road Safety (IFROS) is a pan-India Non Profit and Non-Governmental Organization established for association and development of the nationwide initiatives taken in the field of Road Safety and to exchange knowledge, views and ideas that are successfully practiced around the Nation. On the supplementary sustainability IFROS with the mission in bringing awareness about the dangers of Road Traffic Crashes by practicing a new Road Safety culture among road users and to encourage and promote governments in development and maintenance of better, safer roads and road safety measures. Working together with its members and associates, IFROS promotes social and economic benefits to the community that flow from well-planned and technically sound road safety networks. It helps put in place technological solutions and management practices that provide maximum social returns from national road safety road investments. The IFROS has a major role to play in all aspects of road policy and development in India. To bring down the increasing number of Road Crashes.To earmark separate funds for Road Safety programmes. To draw up specific programmes to improve major roads for safe travel, to protect vulnerable road users and to improve driver training, licensing and monitoring procedures. To obtain better co-ordination between various government departments and NGOs. In examination of the apprehension expressed by Mother NGOs of Individual States in India, on the epidemic of Road Crashes in the Country resulting in loss of life, serious injuries and loss of material goods,IFROS undertook the task of preparing an advanced initiative to set in motion a series of measures by various stake holding State and Central Government Agencies to improve Road Safety. The emphasis of the initiative is on instantaneous mandatory measures, which are preventive in nature and do not cost much to the exchequer. It is proposed to prepare a comprehensive policy delineating the medium and long term measures and the financial support that is required to improve Road Safety with the following goals. To bring down the increasing number of Road Crashes.To earmark separate funds for Road Safety programmes. To draw up specific programmes to improve major roads for safe travel, to protect vulnerable road users and to improve driver training, licensing and monitoring procedures. To obtain better co-ordination between various government departments and NGOs. To create information system on Road Crashes and to suggest post-accident relief and other remedial measures. As an immediate measure, it is also proposed to run an awareness campaign which not only involves the education and sensitization of the stakeholders like students, drivers, vehicle owners and the pedestrians but also involving the government departments and public representatives to undertake immediate ameliorative steps.

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