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#roadsafetyanalyticsindia #roadsafetyunitsinindia #roadsafetynetworksinindia Road safety is a major challenge in India in the recent years. With the well in the number of vehicles moving on the roads, the safety measures have also been enhanced in the country. India accounts to the largest road network in the world. Safety rules and regulations have been set by the government in all the states of the country and are followed by the citizens. But still there is a lack in the system which amounts to fatalities on the road.

Undoubtedly the road network in India is strong and connected at every level. The network of the road system is broadly classified into two zones:

  • City level network: the road network which connects the cities falls in this category. The villages and towns of the state are connected through the highways.
  • State level network: the states are also connected with highways and the connectivity is very strong.

But still the highways of the country are very deadly because the highest number of road mishaps happens in these highways. The number of accidents happening in the highways is growing at a larger rate and this needs to be checked. The system requires amendments and this can lead to the acceleration of the safety measures.

India has shiny and beautiful highways which are used by the citizens. The economic growth of the country is indicated with the growth and prosperity of the system working across the country.

The safety is the utmost essential point of discussion in the ministries also and often they come with new trends to curb the accidents on road. But the people need to be equally responsive and responsible towards the system of the country.

Road safety units in India is in the form of road signs which are very important to follow to upkeep the usage of the roads. It ensures safety of the people using the road and works both ways for the person driving and the people walking. Pedestrians and drivers work simultaneously on the roads. So it is important that both the units work hand in hand which means that the driver should drive with cautious and the pedestrian should walk with alertness.

The signs are in the form of mandatory and informative. The safety units are put up to make the people cautious about their rights and then also how to exercise the rules on the roads. The following of the rules have been made essential in the form of penalties. The government is trying to levy heavy penalties on the fall out of the rules like:

  • Drunken driving
  • Use of mobile while driving
  • Using one way roads for personal reasons
  • Driving without license
  • Red light jumping
  • No seat belt
  • Driving without helmet

These rules are mandatory to follow failing which the person has to pay fine. In some ways, this has been effective also. At least people have become conscious while driving to exempt themselves of the fines or punishments.

The road safety measures are meant for the wellbeing of the people using the same. Expressways. State highways and national highways are indicative of the growth across the country. The safety on these highways is important. The heavy and light vehicles move simultaneously on the highways and at any moment mishap can happen. Road safety is thus a major issue facing the country. The increasing number of highways deaths is alarming and India is topping the world charts in this regard.

Road safety analytics in India is helpful to determine the exact data of the

  • Road mishaps
  • Road safety measures

The government of India is come up with the latest measure which is the use of technology for preventing road accidents. Everyone is on the social networking sites in the recent years. The use of Face book, Whats App and twitter can be very helpful in intimating people about the traffic jams, blocked roads and faulty roads which can be helpful in curbing accidents to a great extent. The governing bodies are still working on these lines and coming up with innovative ideas and measures.

Technology also plays an important role in curbing road mishaps in the country. Not all states have equal number of road accidents. Some states report higher numbers than others. The reasons can be varied. Mumbai reports lesser road mishaps than Delhi. The reasons can be varied. In some cities the number of vehicles running on the roads is higher than others. In some cities people public transport. So the reasons can be different.

The analytics provided by the different departments of the state level road safety bodies are very essential and helpful. The statistics provided by these bodies are collectively used by centralized system of working and then necessary steps are taken as per the guidelines set by the authorities.

Road safety weeks which are organized in the country are also a very good step but the safety measures should not be restricted to that week only. In fact the people should be sensible enough to make the following of the rules a routine for the smooth functioning of the safety rules across the country.

India is a huge country which is inhabited by different type of people following different cultures. But everyone has to work as the citizens of the same country so that the optimum level of road safety is achieved.

The achievement in itself is a success because the goal is to provide a network of roads which is safe and sound for the people. For this attainment, the people themselves also need to be very sensible in their approach. The collective effort will go a long way.

Hence the road safety in India is given utmost importance and following of rules is an essential part of the entire system. Road network is strong in India. The system is working to make the network even better so that optimum level of safety is achieved.

Indian Federation of Road Safety (IFROS) is a pan-India Non Profit and Non-Governmental Organization established for association and development of the nationwide initiatives taken in the field of Road Safety and to exchange knowledge, views and ideas that are successfully practiced around the Nation. On the supplementary sustainability IFROS with the mission in bringing awareness about the dangers of Road Traffic Crashes by practicing a new Road Safety culture among road users and to encourage and promote governments in development and maintenance of better, safer roads and road safety measures. Working together with its members and associates, IFROS promotes social and economic benefits to the community that flow from well-planned and technically sound road safety networks. It helps put in place technological solutions and management practices that provide maximum social returns from national road safety road investments. The IFROS has a major role to play in all aspects of road policy and development in India. To bring down the increasing number of Road Crashes.To earmark separate funds for Road Safety programmes. To draw up specific programmes to improve major roads for safe travel, to protect vulnerable road users and to improve driver training, licensing and monitoring procedures. To obtain better co-ordination between various government departments and NGOs. In examination of the apprehension expressed by Mother NGOs of Individual States in India, on the epidemic of Road Crashes in the Country resulting in loss of life, serious injuries and loss of material goods,IFROS undertook the task of preparing an advanced initiative to set in motion a series of measures by various stake holding State and Central Government Agencies to improve Road Safety. The emphasis of the initiative is on instantaneous mandatory measures, which are preventive in nature and do not cost much to the exchequer. It is proposed to prepare a comprehensive policy delineating the medium and long term measures and the financial support that is required to improve Road Safety with the following goals. To bring down the increasing number of Road Crashes.To earmark separate funds for Road Safety programmes. To draw up specific programmes to improve major roads for safe travel, to protect vulnerable road users and to improve driver training, licensing and monitoring procedures. To obtain better co-ordination between various government departments and NGOs. To create information system on Road Crashes and to suggest post-accident relief and other remedial measures. As an immediate measure, it is also proposed to run an awareness campaign which not only involves the education and sensitization of the stakeholders like students, drivers, vehicle owners and the pedestrians but also involving the government departments and public representatives to undertake immediate ameliorative steps.

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